Uppingham School, Rutland

Nestled deep in the beautiful Rutland countryside, and an intrinsic part of the mellow stone market town of Uppingham, Uppingham School provide a real alternative for any London parent looking for a quality education for their child away from the hustle and bustle of city life.  Far from dull, however, Uppingham boasts its own theatre, arts centre and a state of the art sports complex.  Frequent educational and sporting trips are arranged within the UK and overseas including a recent trip to Jordan, when pupils cycled from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea.

Uppingham is proud of the fact that it is 98% boarding, an unusual statistic for a boarding school which means that it can provide a real boarding experience.  Pupils enjoy the numerous opportunities offered by full boarding life including over 40 clubs and societies ranging from classics and polo to beekeeping. There is something to suit every child.

Pastoral care is taken seriously, with boarding houses manned by highly experienced, well- trained staff, many of whom bring the added advantage of being parents themselves.  The houses have a homely feel and their policy of vertical boarding benefits all students, with older students taking care to help new pupils to settle.  Girls order pizza at weekends and can choose their own magazines and newspapers to order into their house, with House and Hound being a particular favourite.  Boarding is not for every child, but some schools, like Uppingham, manage it particularly well

Due to Uppingham’s relatively small size, Lumos had the feeling that the school staff are able to glean a real insight into each individual child and his or her unique abilities.  We were particularly impressed that, at meal-times, pupils are accompanied on each table by a member of staff, or a visitor, giving them the opportunity to discuss different topics and to meet a greater variety of characters.  As lunch and supper time can be key points in the day when issues arise at boarding schools, this is good policy.

Although able to punch well above its weight in the more traditional academic subjects, music, sport and the arts at Uppingham are all outstanding.  A wealth of talents are encouraged, recognised and nurtured at the school, so children who are not necessarily destined for the traditional academic route are able to thrive here.  The majority of leavers go on to Russell Group universities, including Oxbridge.